We hope you and your loved ones are well, safe and healthy.

As the authorities identified the hotels as essential services, we decided to remain open. We are aware that some people need to travel and we are happy to offer these people a reassuring, comfortable but above all safe environment.

Please be aware that we follow the instructions and directives of the various levels of government to the letter. Moreover, we have established very high security measures to protect our guests as well as our teams.

We made the addition of a transparent window on the reception desk for a safe reception inside. We added some directional signals on the floor, to make the circulation more easy. From July 18 the mask will be obligatory in closed public spaces.

In addition, we make sure to respect the time requested by the CNESST for the quarantine of the room. During your stay, you have the assurance that your room is safe.

Our housekeeping team received instructions and information on additional hygiene measures such as:

  • Frequent and adequate hand washing
  • No employee is allowed to enter the occupied rooms. We hand over the necessary supply to the room at the beginning of stay
  • We change the guest’s room for a long stay after a period of 5 to 7 days so as not to enter the client’s privacy
  • Avoiding contact at all times and maintaining a correct distance with any person
  • Respect the rules of respiratory hygiene and avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth
  • No common area is currently accessible for guests

Our promise of flexibility

For your peace of mind, we are more soft for our cancellation conditions for individual bookings. Therefore, for any changes or cancellations, please contact our property until 72 hours before your arrival before noon, and we will make the necessary adjustments at no cost.